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CNC Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Answers to Common CNC Machining Questions

At Increase Manufacturing, we have years of experience with all elements of CNC machine and OEM component services. We aways promote exceptional customer service, which is why we’re answering your frequently asked questions about our services and capabilities. Read all about CNC machines now!

CNC (Consumer Numerical Control) milling and machining is a process in which high tech software creates parts or components for manufacturing. These parts tend to be more accurate and of higher quality than if they were produced using other manufacturing methods. As a result, CNC machined parts are used in industries which rely on absolute accuracy, including aerospace and firearm production. The CNC machines used by Increase Manufacturing are capable of delivering smaller, delicate components.

CNC is an extremely difficult process beginning with the initial design phase. Computer code is translated into electrical signals for the machine’s controls, telling it where and how to cut metal to produce the desired components. Those who operate the machines need proper training as well. Even with the computer doing the advanced calculations, a human touch is needed to ensure the final produce is produced correctly. If there is an error in the code, Jones Tool technicians are able to make the necessary corrections.

Many industries benefit from CNC machining, though they are far more necessary in some fields than others. Different CNC machines are capable of different levels of detail during production. For the aerospace industry, this is essential to their highly specified design plans. There is no room for error when launching a rocket or flying a plan, and CNC machined components from Increase Manufacturing are made to be as precise as possible.

There are several different types of CNC machining. These include CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC lathes. Each has different benefits for creating component parts. If you are not sure which method would be best for your parts, just ask our experienced technicians and we will happily assist you.

CNC turning involves rapidly rotating a piece of machinery during production. This allows work to be done equally on all sides of the component. Without CNC turning capabilities, pieces would have to be manually switched over to be finished.

CNC milling creates components by cutting down material along the axis of the piece. Mills are very similar to drills, though they can work along multiple axes instead of just one. The CNC milling machines used by Increase Manufacturing are able to work along 5-axex, giving you greater control over your component. CNC milling is able to replace hand-engraving on parts.

CNC lathe work is usually combined with turning in order to produce rounded parts like screws. Lathe work is beneficial to many industries by creating equal, uniform surface area on all sides for spherical and multidimensional components. Our CNC lathes are replacing older lathes since they are more accurate and easier to operate. Feel free to contact the team of Increase Manufacturing for help with your next CNC lathe project.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, referring to a company which produces components for use by another company. Increase Manufacturing is capable for creating OEM engineered component parts for all sorts of industries. By creating parts for you, your company is freed up from machining work. This is especially common in the aerospace and auto industries, as they only need Increase Manufacturing to produce a variety of parts rather than trying to machine them on their own. If your business requires specific parts, contact our technicians today to learn about our OEM capabilities.

In order to remain as one of Wisconsin’s CNC industry leaders we have always had to have flexibility to provide our clients with great customer service. The metal materials we can alter include steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, zinc, iron, brass and more. The non-metal materials we alter are polycarbonate, fiberglass, carbon fiber, nylon and much more.

Our CNC experts consider +/- .005 is absolutely achievable. Past those specs it depends on the size of the parts, material and on the machine. In some cases +/- .0002 is possible with the high-quality equipment we have in our machine shop. To find out exactly what you need, contact our offices today with your requirements.

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