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Any thread, any material, Increase Manufacturing has the equipment necessary to meet your component part needs. If a process cannot be completed in-house, we have the means to outsource, always delivering a finished component part. We manufacture custom precision CNC machined parts for a variety of industries with products varying from order to order. Increase Manufacturing produces quality products fitting the needs of many industries. From the raw material, sawing and lathe machining to the final stages of heat treatment and metal finishes (zinc, pain or black oxide), your part will be completed and ready for assembly. Our machining operations are flawlessly coordinated to produce the component parts needed to complete your product. Unlike other machining companies, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, delivering quality workmanship with each and every part we manufacture.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

The CNC machines we utilize manufacture parts for a wide range of processing machines, an asset to the OEM industrial equipment manufacturing sector. We consider OEM machined component parts our area of expertise. Increase Manufacturing can manufacture breather plates, fill plates, and mounting plates in brass, aluminum, stainless or carbon based steel while strictly adhering to your specifications.

Our expert machinists have produced OEM components for both the food production and packaging equipment industries. Clients depend on us for consistent, high quality parts. Increase Manufacturing has decades of experience to manufacture the components you need – on time, every time.

We offer heat treating, metal plating and anodizing finishing on completed components. Increase Manufacturing is earning a worldwide reputation for unparalleled level of expertise and affordable pricing in CNC Machining technology.

Detail of packaging machine for rolls
A picture of a big yellow mining truck at worksite

Mining Vehicle Manufacturers

The mining industry depends on truck transportation. The trucks used require specific parts to complete their highly specific jobs. Other components, wheel studs, nuts, washer and blocks, can all be manufactured by Increase Manufacturing CNC machines and engineers.

Parts can be built faster with CNC machines. Our years of experience producing custom pulleys mean you get cost-effective machine parts. Parts currently produced with multiple machines can be manufactured in just one CNC machine by an experienced engineer, saving you time and money.

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers

Rely on Increase Manufacturing for component parts you can depend on to keep your conveyors running smoothly. Increase Manufacturing’s precise CNC machines can machine shafts, studs, blocks, special nuts and spacers for use in conveyor equipment out of durable materials including brass and aluminum. We are especially known for our non-standard fasteners production which gives greater flexibility to your design ideas. Belt productivity depends on how well individual parts are made to keep the conveyor moving. Our CNC component parts are expertly manufactured for reliable performance for years to come.

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tractor spraying pesticides on soy bean

Agricultural Industry

The component part engineers at Increase Manufacturing deliver reliable products to match your exact industry specifications. Cultivators and grain drilling machines all require unique components, like metal studs and flanges, to operate and replacement parts can be difficult to acquire. CNC machines are able to produce these necessary parts in materials from aluminum to brass to a wide array of alloys to ensure durable and reliable finished products. Increase Manufacturing has experience machining coulters and hubs for plows and fertilizer applicators and can create custom components for your specific agricultural needs.

Medical Industry

Creating parts for the medical community requires an extra level of precision. There’s no room for equipment error, especially with complicated MRI machines. Increase Manufacturing CNC machines are more precise than components produced through manual machining.

Our skilled CNC machinists have experience manufacturing components used in whole-body scanners used in hospitals every day. Our engineers will work with you from start to finish to produce the exact components you need for an entire hospital or a single unit. Increase Manufacturing has a worldwide reputation for unparalleled level of expertise and affordable pricing in CNC Machining technology.

an MRI machine
Specialized equipment for placing large diameter pipe in a trench

Utility Work – Sewage

Utility work often requires unique tools to function. Lately, the demand for sewer lateral replacements has led to an increase in lateral bursting tool manufacturing for sewage technicians. Increase Manufacturing has experience producing components necessary for lateral bursting tool and others related to utility work. Parts can be produced in aluminum for lightweight efficiency on the job.

Mobile Shelving Industry

From library shelving to weapons evidence storage, CNC manufactured parts can keep high-density mobile shelving operations running smoothly. Precision components like hinges and fasteners can be made to fit whatever shelving unit you need. Our non-standard fasteners can be made out of brass, aluminum and other various alloys for greater durability.

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oil drilling rig with equipment on oilfield

Oilfield Industry

The oilfield can be dangerous, so having reliable tools is of the utmost importance. Oil suppression suppressors need flappers and housings that won’t fail at a critical moment. Increase Manufacturing has experience manufacturing CNC parts for the oil industry, including drill and chain parts. CNC machining allows for made-to-fit drag chain parts to be easily manufactured for each specific job you need.

Waste Oil Heater Manufacturers

Increase Manufacturing has experience manufacturing waste oil heater components for regular and ductless heater models. Oil buildup can be dangerous, so internal parts for oil heaters have to be carefully constructed with high quality parts. Our machinists are able to work with brass, aluminum, and stainless steel alloy to give you safer components and avoid parts getting stuck on oil.

Waste oil heater

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