Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory Deburring Machines

A vibratory finishing machine has an open tub, set on springs. It is filled with media and parts. The drive system then creates a vibration. The speed or degree of vibration is carefully controlled, assuring accurate finishing of the parts. Vibratory deburring causes the media and parts to rub together from the vibration in a circular motion. While the parts are rubbing, the circulation prevents the pieces from damaging each other

Vibrating polishing machine for finishing metal parts
Vibrating polishing machine for finishing metal parts. Vibratory Deburring Eliminates Component Part Imperfections.

Vibratory processing is frequently used to eliminate hand polishing and the choice of media and compound determines the type of finishing operation. The biggest advantage of vibratory finishing is the reduction of expensive overhead prices, and the ability to mass finish thousands of parts simultaneously. In hand polishing operations, a polishing belt is the tool of choice for surface refinement while vibratory finishing replaces the polishing belt as the primary tool for improving part surface quality.

Vibratory deburring is commonly used for its low production cost per piece. Vibratory finishing can remove flash and burrs while refining component part surfaces.

Vibratory machines are a standard process in the machining manufacturing industry. When properly used, not only can polishing costs be dramatically reduced, but component part quality is improved.

Vibratory finishing is also an effective degreasing method, commonly used at CNC shops. While the parts vibrate, a cleaning compound circulates through the tub. Any chips and dirt are then flushed out of the tub while the machine is running.

Benefits of Deburring

Vibratory deburring removes the rough edges from parts and enables them to fit together more efficiently, leading to fewer part rejections and waste. Deburring is also an important step in preparing parts for any metal finishing or painting. By improving the appearance of the part, deburring removes imperfections which detract from the overall cosmetic appeal.

Most importantly, deburring improves the performance, durability and reliability of a component part, resulting in lower costs for your business. Check out our FAQ page for more information on how various CNC machining will help your business.

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