Drill Presses

Increase Manufacturing uses drill presses for a vast amount of our machined parts. A floor drill press provides unmatched accuracy and control on all machined parts placed on the chuck – even beating a handheld drill. Drill presses allow the drill bit to be stabilized in a perpendicular position to the material, allowing for increased precision drilling. A floor standing drill press is utilized for its high levels of speed and accuracy. Floor standing drill presses also provide much more power than hand drills. This extra power is needed when drilling large holes in extremely hard materials. Numerous drills usually provide variable speeds, which allow a set rotational speed for a particular cutting operation.

Drill Presses for Metal

Drill presses make it easier to drill into hard materials, like metal. When drilling metal, a slower cutting speed is required to avoid excessive friction. Too much friction can heat up the drill bit, removing its temper. A drill press offers a much faster and easier way of cutting such hard metals, since you can set an accurate low speed, enabling you to cut hard materials without creating unnecessary friction.

A drill press provides you with the ability to accurately control the depth of a cut. The depth control and gauge attached to the side of the spindle can be used to see the cutting depth that has been reached, or stop the spindle from travelling further when the desired depth has been attained.

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